ALMBC Virtual Member Forum 7th July 2021

Many thanks to those who were able to join us on Wednesday evening for our first virtual member forum. We were heartened to see such a great turnout (107 attendees!) and glad that so many were able to stay for the discussion (95 people were able to join for the full duration of the event).

The Board and planning team have received a wonderful response from many who attended and are taking on board feedback for future events of this nature.

Following is a summary of the key take-outs from the event for those who were unable to join:

Our core objectives:

  • Securing an Essential Workers Permit arrangement with each state that would allow interstate tours to go ahead despite hotspot declarations in an Artist's home location and,
  • Lift (and simplify) venue capacity restrictions to bring them in line with other industries, recognising that live music poses no unique risk from a public health perspective

Our approach:

  • Focus our efforts on achieving our desired outcomes at a state level, working with both Ministers and bureaucrats.
  • Engaging the assistance of expert lobbyists
  • Seeking advice and endorsement from recognised health professionals in preparing and presenting solutions to Government.
  • Coordination of a significant public-facing campaign, leveraging our industry's ability to shift public sentiment to a) raise awareness regarding the plight of live music (live music is not back) and b) play a positive role in supporting the State and Federal Governments' vaccine roll-out.

What we need:

  • Continued communication and engagement with members and other industry organisations to ensure we are properly representing and acting on the needs of the ALMBC membership.
  • Support from, and collaboration with other industry organisations and friends of the ALMBC to ensure we are united in our approach to government.
  • Your support for our upcoming public campaign - please get in touch via to discuss how you can get involved.
  • Ongoing funding from members and friends of ALMBC in the form of paid memberships. This funding is vital for us to be able to achieve our objectives. Please visit our membership page online.

We acknowledge the First Nations people as the original inhabitants of Australia. We recognise, respect and celebrate the cultural distinctions of First Nations people and value their rich and positive contribution to the broader Australian society. We pay our respects to all of the Traditional Owners and keepers of this land and acknowledge all elders past, present and future.