National Gig-Ready Dashboard is GO!

With live shows and small tours struggling to re-emerge, ALMBC has created the National Gig-Ready Dashboard to help its members navigate COVID-safe compliance across all states and territories.

While for many states and sectors, recovery is a long way off, the National Gig-Ready Dashboard is available for anyone in the industry as they make choices around the timing and nature of their future path. The tool includes details from current restrictions and physical distancing requirements through to the service of alcohol and even whether patrons can dance. With key details as well as links to all the relevant state government resources, the dashboard has been created by ALMBC members around Australia.

“As the country opens back up to live music, creating tour routes and planning shows that will be COVID compliant and having advice that is up to date for every corner of the country will be essential to ensure we can take advantage of opportunities for artists, businesses and audiences,” said ALMBC interim chair Stephen Wade. “Getting Australian music culture back on track is essential and we’re pleased that the ALMBC is already having real and meaningful impacts for our members.”

Formed in July, the ALMBC was quickly embraced by the industry with 488 businesses joining, directly representing 28,000 employees. With a combined revenue of around $300 million, the ever-expanding membership has put a strong focus on the real economic impact of small to medium businesses in the music sector.

Advocating on behalf of the ‘backstage’ voices in our industry, the ALMBC membership includes agents, venues and small promoters through to ticketing companies, poster companies, media, publicists, food vendors, security, music technicians, crew and many more.

“As a music venue, the last few months have been not just stressful, but really confusing and that’s just in one state. It’s really important for venues that are struggling to stay afloat that the rules are clear and easy to navigate and it’s been great that we can come together as a sector not just for support, but for information sharing,” said Pixie Weyand, owner of Brisbane venue The Zoo and ALMBC working group member. “Artists and bookers can now create national plans with the eight sets of rules they are working under all in one place.”

The National Gig-Ready Dashboard is available now for the entire industry to use, free of charge. An interactive version is currently under development and will launch soon along with a number of other practical member-driven initiatives.

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