Interested in participating in a Live Music Industry Public Liability Insurance initiative?

The ALMBC is working with stakeholders across the music and insurance industries to produce a Public Liability Insurance (PLI) solution for venues that have been unable to secure insurance or have been offered premiums that are not commercially viable.

Many ALMBC live music venue members have expressed considerable concern that PLI is no longer being renewed by their current insurer and if/when it is, the increased premiums are not affordable, placing the future of these venues at risk.

In addition to the financial impact this is having on affected businesses, who are already reeling from the COVID-19 downturn, many face consequences under their lease arrangements, with PLI being a condition of their contracts.

As a potential solution to this crisis, the ALMBC is looking at uniting eligible businesses under a group buying arrangement to secure more favourable terms from insurance providers.

Businesses interested in participating in this initiative are welcome to complete an Expression of Interest form.

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