Become a Member of ALMBC

ALMBC Membership is open to any person, sole trader, partnership, company, other trading entity or corporation that derives income from the live music industry in Australia and whose principal place of business is located, and majority beneficial ownership is held, within Australia.

Majority beneficial ownership means being ultimately 51% owned by Australian-based shareholders.

Organisations that are 51% or more owned by non-Australian shareholders can become Associate Members ie., “Friends of the ALMBC”, see below.

Membership Types

Foundation Member: $11,000 (inc GST)

Any person or organisation who works in the Live Music sector as their primary vocation and wants to help the ALMBC continue to do good things! $11,000 (inc GST) financial year.

Medium or Large Business Member: $1,650 (inc GST)

Medium to Large Enterprise - Companies who employ 10 people or more. $1,650.00 (inc GST) for Financial Year.

Small Business Member: $550 (inc GST)

For small businesses, partnerships, bands, or companies who employ between 2 and 9 people. $ 550.00 (inc GST) for Financial Year.

Micro Biz Member: $55.00 (inc GST)

Sole Traders, technical or event staff or road crew, solo artists or duos. For those self employed or with 1 other person. Normally $55.00 (plus GST) for Financial Year. Currently discounted due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Friend of the ALMBC: Open investment starting at $5,500 (inc GST)

Any person or company who does not qualify for entry as a full member but wishes to support the ALMBC to achieve our aims. Investment starting as $5,500 (inc GST) for the Financial Year. Please email for information and benefits.

Note: All membership fees are due annually in July.

Renewing or upgrading your membership?

If you are looking to renew or upgrade your membership, please login to your account and then select a membership package the suits your circumstances via the link below:


ALMBC represents and serves the interests of its members by working and negotiating with the music industry and governments at all levels and lobbying on behalf of its members and the broader independent live music sector, to facilitate favourable commercial outcomes and achieve the objects for which ALMBC has been established. These include:

  • To be a cohesive and united voice to advocate for increased funding and other assistance to advance small to medium Australian live music businesses.
  • To obtain favourable outcomes for Australian live music businesses, through working and educating government and other key industry organisations.
  • To promote the ongoing sustainability and growth of small to medium Australian live music businesses and protect the interests of its members against unreasonable and excessive regulation, schemes, laws or conditions.
  • To develop and promote community awareness that highlights the positive contribution of small to medium Australian live music businesses.
  • To work with government to ensure that the interests of its members are represented and advanced when policy and legislation is being reviewed, considered, drafted and implemented.

Fully paid-up Members receive voting rights at general meetings including the AGM and may nominate for board positions. Associate Members will be entitled to receive notice of, and to attend, all general meetings of ALMBC but are not entitled to vote at such general meetings.


  • ALMBC is leading the development of a Live Music Business policy to advance the interests and achieve favourable commercial outcomes for the independent live music business sector on a national scale.
  • ALMBC has developed relationships with Governments at all levels to advocate for the interests of the industry.
  • ALMBC collaborates with associated industries to protect and enhance the interests of the independent live music business sector.
  • ALMBC works closely with other national industry organisations to present a unified voice to Government.
  • ALMBC is undertaking significant submissions to government concerning the live music business and its policies for small business including the ongoing Federal Parliamentary inquiry into the COVID impact on the sector.

ALMBC was born, in part, to respond to the impact of COVID-19 on the sector. To date we have called for:

  • Continuation of the Job Keeper scheme, or at least some other adequate financial support scheme for live music business employees and sole traders, as this will be critical to our industry’s survival.
  • State and Federal Government to co-operate and collaborate to find a solution to the COVID-safe crowd capacities of music venues.
  • State Governments to co-operate and collaborate with one another to develop a Covid-safe travel permit system.By deeming artists and crew as essential workers, Governments can provide certainty for businesses to launch and stage tours, accepting an appropriate level of risk but also building consumer confidence to buy tickets and attend live music events.
  • The introduction of a Business Interruption Fund or insurance scheme that will provide the industry with confidence to re-invest.

ALMBC will also continue to work on a range of other industry initiatives including:

  • Funding, resources, sponsorship to rebuild our live music industry.
  • Training and upskilling opportunities for our industry; including establishment of qualifications and recognition.
  • Education, resources and best practice models to standardise how things are done and to professionalise our industry.
  • Establish fair work standards for crew and labour – an award or FWA for the thousands of independent sole traders.
  • Establish a live music industry Insurance scheme to make being insured an easy and inexpensive option.
  • Establish a live music industry superannuation scheme to allow independent sole traders access to a low-cost fair and equitable superannuation model.
  • Establish a library of resources that members can draw on: supplier contracts, booking contracts, event or show worksheets; by creating a minimum standard for process and documentation the industry will improve and professionalise.

Collective Bargaining

  • Members will be party to any collective bargaining agreements secured by the ALMBC.

Group Buying

  • Members will be party to any group buying agreements secured by the ALMBC.

Professional and Business Development

  • Access to documents and shared resources from ALMBC and its members
  • ALMBC intends to hold an annual music business symposium which all members will be invited to attend. Members will receive a number of complimentary tickets based on their level of membership.
  • Advice, networking and mentoring opportunities for all members.

Other benefits

ALMBC is developing a range of member benefits to be made available over time as our membership base grows.

  • Access to documents and resources from ALMBC and its partner organisations across the world.
  • Creation and publication of the Australian Independent Live Music Business Report.
  • Discounts from selected conferences such as Singapore (Music Matters), Brisbane (BIGSOUND), SXSW Austin Texas, AMW (Sydney), etc.
  • Negotiated discounts for ALMBC members from businesses that support ALMBC.

We acknowledge the First Nations people as the original inhabitants of Australia. We recognise, respect and celebrate the cultural distinctions of First Nations people and value their rich and positive contribution to the broader Australian society. We pay our respects to all of the Traditional Owners and keepers of this land and acknowledge all elders past, present and future.